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Text by Joseph J. Visser about the work of Olga Okuneva on the website of the Grafisch Museum Joure, Netherlands. Website:


Olga Vasilevna Okuneva, In Search Of The Sacred Grove… by Shameem Faruque,,, 18 Nov. 2011


"...In the series " Strolls about a Park" the artist's rich and generous fantasy creates a majestic and affluent world in which the massive trunks of trees and branches are spun into pillars and vaults of the solemn Temple of Nature...She uses a variety of techniques- needle etching and aquatint, colour lithography combined with etching, soft varnish and reservage, everything that will contribute to achieving deep compound tones with wandering steams of light catching out of semi-darkness sad pensive faces, houses with shining windows...The more complex the emotional life of the graphic sheets, the clearer and pure sounds the leitmotif - a yearning for spiritual beauty and happiness."

Anatoly Kantor
Member of the International Association of Art Critics
Catalogue of exhibition, 1992

"...It is human habitation environment, that attracts her. If she portrays pure nature, then, her visual imagery can be best described by the poetic word "canopy", that is a certain thing , that covers and shelters somebody or something. In most cases it is the canopy of trees, fluttering, transparent, like in autumn, and at the same time mysterious, taking the viewer into the depths of its mobile space...
"View from the Window" is the latest, most telling and complete cycle Olga Okuneva. Conscious combinations and re-arrangements of fragments of nature, human faces and figures, urban buildings , turn out to be the basic compositional device in the cycle...
Alternating in the artist's graphic sheets, all this taken together, does not so much from cycles, series or individual works, as a sum of fragments, that equals to human life..."

Willam Meiland, art critic
"Transformation into Oneself", Moscow, October, 1995
Catalogue of exhibition

"...She literally builds up her "European" intaglio prints with plates cut in uneven sections, in deliberately broken continuities in imagery and pictorial space, yet she sensitively works out images of free associations of persons, interiors, glimpses of the changing seasons in nature, and her own self...
By contrast, her "Mahabharata" prints are compact in composition, with a stress on the exotic and the decorative, and one is amazed at her artistic assimilation of typically oriental conventions of figuration in which the Javanese and Cambodian flowering of Indian Art and the Rajasthani miniature all meet and get transformed in her deft hands.."

Santo Datta
"Discovering the Orient"
"The Pioneer", January, 23, 1997, New Delhi, India

"...She chose the "Mahabharata"; made a critical study of it, successfully comprehending its metaphors and then nuances and then proceeded to paint it. The result is outstanding. Within a limited format she recreates the narrative, imbuing it with her own Russian experiens of image making. With a sharp simplification of figures Yudhisthira is defined almost as an icon of absolute authority;Draupadi is an archetypical sophisticate...
Her works titled "A Road to the Indian Ocean"is a metaphor of her own travel into a different culture.."

Sunanda Khanna
"Cultures merge across the backwaters"
"The Hindu",December,25, 2003, India

"...Olga's works brings faces, trees, moon, snow, hymns from Vedas, poetry from Marina Tsvetaeva, from Tamil classic Aham, and then ornaments, her veils like Rajasthani woman's "ghunghat". Her austerity in full of ornaments: a gorgeous austerity. Even the self-portrait is a veil on the self, the glass pane through which snow in seen, is a veil allowing only that much of snow to enter your gaze which you may enjoy before being frozen. Her Banaras is the city flowing away on the water of the Ganges and being looked upon by the eyes of a mourning silence. Here the symbols of the real have given rise to the series of imaginary spaces, which then invoke the real lost in us, in our recesses, in our sensualities."

Udayan Vajpeyi
"Scaling the Vails", Bhopal,December,1, 2003
Cataloque of exhibition